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SCRIPDB is currently down for maintenance.

Patents are a rich source of metadata about bioactive molecules, including mechanism of action, disease class, homologous experimental series, structural alternatives, or the synthetic pathways used to produce molecules of interest.

SCRIPDB is a chemical structure database designed to make this metadata accessible. We index public-domain chemical information contained in U.S. patents, and provide the full patent text, reactions, and relationships described within any individual patent, as well as the original CDX, MOL, and TIFF files. SCRIPDB may be searched by exact chemical structure, substructure, or molecular similarity and the results may be restricted to patents describing synthetic routes.

SCRIPDB was first developed by Abraham Heifets and Igor Jurisica and is maintained by the Jurisica Lab at the Ontario Cancer Institute and the University of Toronto. Please email SCRIPDB@cs.toronto.edu with queries, requests, suggestions, complaints and bug reports.

Please cite SCRIPDB as "Heifets, A., Jurisica, I., SCRIPDB: a portal for easy access to syntheses, chemicals and reactions in patents. Nucleic Acids Research. 2011; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr919"

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